The new generations also have different morals, that is to say that there is a new reality that often, the desire of the deceased to be cremated and that his or her ashes be deployed in the sea, the mountain or any other place desired by the latter, in order to leave there his or her desired memories and messages. The new generation is not really into burial anymore for many reasons: the expensive costs, all the fees related to the location for the burial, the headstone with its installation fees and continuous maintenance fees especially since people move less and less to visit their loved one at the cemetery by either lack of time or too far away, so the reason of LOGIKMEMORIAL is to offer a brand new interactive memorial platform at a fraction of the costs. The one and only company to offer the combined products and services on one interactive platform. Also knowing full well that the traditional way of doing burial will always exist.

LOGIKMEMORIAL, is really a practical, economical, current and in our present and future days adapted to the reality. So, following the consultation of the relatives of the deceased, the family will decide to go ahead (being normally of the last generation) towards this new digital platform and interactive memorial plaque by laser engraved QR codes. Without preventing to go ahead for a conventional burial, LOGIKMEMORIAL will be the complementary bringing together the technology by affixing the digital aluminum plate on the new headstone, urn or any other burial place.

Creation of your memorial