You can also pay tribute to them from anywhere at any time, via our website, whether you are at a restaurant with friends, or simply at home, you can also leave or add anecdotes to share with your loved ones.

Imagine, a unique and gathering place for all the families, friends and other people close to the deceased. Today, with the new reality of blended families, it is common, if not the majority of the time, that children of deceased parents, buried in different cemeteries, wonder and think about where they would like to be buried? The father’s family? Or the mother’s family? Future generations will surely have to make this decision in their lifetime, and it’s not exactly an easy choice.

LOGIKMEMORIAL allows you to be all together and interactive by looking at the RASSEMBLY links on everyone’s memorial page. So you will be, even having your burial at different cemeteries, or any other place in the world. Together through the stories and memories of the deceased of the same family. As always you will receive alerts of new activities, which you can then comment. Depending on your desire the memorial can be open to all or be in private mode.

Creation of your memoria