Today, obituaries are simply funeral announcements and a list of names of family members. Modern obituaries become the history of the deceased include precious memories, funny stories and important details featuring the joys and good times of a life lived. Logikmemorial goes even further to be unifying and allows you to add comments, photos to existing anecdotes, you will receive messages directly to all loved ones and family emails, Logikmemorial can also direct you to the deceased’s gravesite via geo-location.

“A good memorial tells a unique story and reflects the personality of the person it commemorates”

To create the memorial, you will obviously need to tell us the name, dates of birth or death of the deceased, You can then access your memorial, customize it and put your photos, videos and texts. Once you are satisfied with the appearance and content of the memorial, following the production of the story (card) of your deceased by LOGIKMEMORIAL you can invite family and friends. For a memorial open to all, you can simply send them the address of the site. Otherwise, use the “register your email” feature offered by and indicate the email addresses of the persons you wish to gather around the memory of the deceased. An invitation will automatically be sent to them, so that they too can interact by adding comments, adding photos memories to share to allow the story of the deceased to be perpetuated to other generations.

  • Ask your deceased’s siblings for their best memories of growing up.
  • Ask your children to tell you about a time when their deceased father or other close person made them feel special.
  • Gather your mother’s grandchildren and ask them to share what they loved most about their grandmother.
  • Call former classmates and teachers and ask them about the qualities and skills your brother had.

Once you have gathered all the information, you can start writing the memorial and return it to us for production including all the documents you want, photos videos anecdotes and others.