To harness the power of QR codes, QR Memorials laser-etches a unique code onto a pre-painted anodized aluminum plate that can be attached to a headstone or other memorial of your departed loved one. The back of the QR plate has a special adhesive that allows it to be attached to the memorial stone. With proper application and placement, this plaque will remain attached regardless of weather conditions. Also take into consideration that there will be 2 different sizes, one for the 3 inch (7,62 cm) x 5 inch (12,7 cm) tombstones and another for the 1 inch (2,54 cm) x 5 inch (12,7 cm) urns. All memorials for the deceased will also be available simply via the Logikmemorial website.

Also creating a virtual burial site, presented interactively and accessible via the deceased’s story, available on the secure website. This form will be realized and created by Logikmemorial with the documents that the client wants to put on it in order to make a visual montage to the height of their expectations while respecting the production standards to protect the corporate image. These two different ways are an integral part of the services and products offered by Logikmemorial for each client. They may also decide to make the deceased’s story open to all or strictly private.

Adding current technology to a memorial that is expected to last hundreds of years poses its own challenges. If the QR code is engraved on the headstone, the code will become difficult to read as the headstone disappears. The headstone will need to be cleaned before the QR code can be accessed. Codes etched into sandstone or granite will weather. One solution might be to lithographically etch the QR code onto coated gold or platinum to keep the code readable, but this might be impractical and expensive. In contrast, LOGIKMEMORIAL uses an anodized and pre-painted aluminum plate to engrave the digital code that will be weather resistant at a lower cost and that all information will still be available.

Creation of your memorial